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How to Move to Italy

Want to move to Italy? I can help! I first lived in Italy for 6 months in the 80s when I was 20. I lived in Florence again for a year and a half 2003/2004. Now, (2017) I’ve made a permanent move to Italy. Have questions about the process? Need inspiration? Advice?

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pilgrimage in Italy

The Via Francigena

The Via Francigena is an ancient pilgrimage route that begins in Canterbury England, and goes to Rome. I walked it when it was relatively unknown and I now live in a part of Tuscany that the route passes through. Learn how you can be a pilgrim for a few days!

Be a Pilgrim For a Few Days!
Pilgrimage in Italy


News: My travel memoir has now been published! Find it on this link as well as a sampling of my published travel articles, and my award winning poetry.

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Writer, Italy Expert, Foodie, and Florentine Renaissance Historian

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Thou paradise of exiles, Italy!  ~Percy Bysshe Shelley

So many things about me have been Italy-related: Learning to speak Italian, running a business there organizing weddings; walking solo on Italy’s pilgrimage route, becoming a Renaissance historian, and leading retreats in Italy. Most of all I love helping people have a great time in Italy. Check out my blog for in-depth insider posts about Italy and if you need help planning a trip there, I can help!